The Sportco Youth Academies is a multi-facetted, internationally focussed development initiative that prides itself on unleashing the true potential within our children.

The vision is to facilitate youth development through sport. At the same time develop sports facilities that will become the preferred choice to host local, regional and international events. Sportco through various individual and vocational academies and corporate partnerships will further enhance our offering globally. 

Underlying Philosophy

The cornerstone of athletic achievement is long-term athlete development (LTAD) with the building blocks of a systematic, holistic and scientific approach. Knowing that science is merely a brick to build with, we believe the foundation is to develop a complete person where personal awareness and growth is the foundation to any great athlete.


In an effort to enlarge the pool of talent and develop potential future stars and coaches, a strategy is proposed that takes the form of three tiers:

  • Addressing talent identification
  • Data management, athlete and coach development, with additional tools and expertise applied to facilitate the process and ensure success. 
  • Additional programs can be added to each tier to further enhance the development of the athletes. 

Objectives of Strategy:

  1. To identify the talented athletes in the African region.
  2. To develop highly skilled athletes that are equipped physically and mentally to compete at the highest level in their various sport codes. 
  3. To provide the athletes within its program the opportunity to compete nationally and internationally.
  4. To provide a pathway system for athletes from age 14 through to full international level. 
  5. To ensure that all coaches in the program have professional development opportunities to ensure that that they can deliver the most appropriate sessions to athletes in the various programs. 
  6. To further educate the participants by means of entrepreneurial training and life coaching programs. 
  7. To establish the Africa Sportco Youth Academies as the sport tourism “hub” in Cape Verde.
  8. To establish the Africa Sportco Youth Academies as an “entrepreneurial hub”.
  9. Bolster the sports community through visiting professional and amateur athletes and partnerships with National Olympic Committees throughout the world.

Community Development

Sports development we believe can only truly be achieved if the communities which they grow up in are too, a healthy breeding ground for values, respect for each other and an appreciation for the world we have been given to live in.

We aim to also develop the communities, children, parents and grandparents with sport and fan based associated initiatives in the areas we operate within. Most importantly to note is that people are our focus and not only promising athletes.