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    Ecosystem Capital is the Investment Holding company for the ADS Group . It jointly holds a diversified equity positions in various African companies that we believe forms part of the African ecosystem. 

    Our approach uniquely focuses primarily on the entrepreneur’s individual needs and then the needs of the business. Marrying these two objectives and then positioning a dovetail strategy is the core to our approach when reference is made to Corporate Finance in a non-traditional way. This personal approach and subsequent very individual relationship; to assist in fulfilling an entrepreneurs dream, affords Ecosystem Capital to create and deliver innovative structures and solutions on behalf of the entrepreneur, its partner.

    The above however does not negate the requirement for an in-depth analysis, due diligence, evaluation of financial numbers, financial modelling, and delivering of resultant advice; however it places the entrepreneur and his/her needs at the core of the relationship and advice rendered.

    ADS Construction

    ADS Construction Services brings together different integrated operators offering construction services, from equipment rental to coordinating and carrying out work with dedicated teams across West Africa.


    Developing and managing 360° It and telco solutions for a better life experience in Africa. Under the aegis of the Smart Africa Alliance, Africa Digital Solutions has partnered with Tata Communications Transformation Services to launch a major project out of the Republic of Guinea. This digital interconnectivity pool will bring together a total of seven African countries of all sizes, starting with the Republic of Guinea, Mali and Sierra Leone. The proposed architecture and approach are directly inspired by the Report on Interconnectivity in Africa presented at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

    The proposed solutions (traditional optical fibre, aerial fibre optic cables, and open space fibre optic cable systems) were chosen according to three criteria: speed of deployment, compatibility with the needs of rural areas and the cost-benefit ratio. One year later, in February 2020, work was completed on the first fibre-optic interconnection of the networks linking the Republic of Guinea to the Republic of Mali. Strategic projects – rural connectivity, e-health, tech clusters – can now be implemented, based on a reliable, high-speed internet connection.

    AfricaRena Ventures

    Special fund targeting the African sportsmen and former athletes keen to invest in projects on the continent.


    A recognized brand specializing in IT product distribution across Africa


    Founded in 2019 at the initiative of ADS Groups and Sall industries Senegal, the company AFRITEX specializes in the textile industry (clothing and haberdashery) in Senegal:

    - True combination of complementary expertise benefiting from more than thirty of accumulated years of experience in industry and commerce in Africa, the project revolves around 2 activities housed within the Diamniadio industrial platform
    - Garment manufacturing and marketing center making and marketing of ready-to-wear: African fashion, classic fashion, school and professional outfits for the local market and for export;
    Alphadi Center for incubation and improvement in the clothing industry training of professionals and cohorts of young people (around 150 per year)
    With a monthly production capacity of more than 60,000 pieces, its ranges of products will be grouped under 4 lines: men, women, children and professionals.

    Agatech System

    Agatech System Contracting and Engineering offers all the prosses of preparation, agreements, permits, architecture, engineering, construction and renovation. Construction has always been the main milestone of the Agatech System Experienced Management. 


    Production and distribution of breads and pastries

    Centrale Auto

    A company that specializes in the distribution of motor vehicles


    DEEP is a unique audio-visual platform targeting Africana and Afro-descendent audiences with a focus on African content creation, production, management and merchandising.


    Construction materials production and retail across Africa

    Emergence Capital

    Emergence Capital is a financial engineering consultancy dedicated to African start-ups and SMEs. Through a one-stop shop and local support, we offer a range of tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of African entrepreneurs facing the new challenges of an environment favorable to the emergence of future local and regional champions.

    Convinced that financial performance is a prerequisite for sustainable social performance, we are constantly looking for a double performance.


    eMob is the first low-price electronic pick-up truck for Africa. With a top speed of 55 kilometres per hour and a driving range of 150 kilometres, it is the perfect daily e-mobility solution for farm owners, factory employees moving loads at their work sites, and commuters in the fast-growing urban and rural regions in sub-Saharan Africa. eMob is produced in Africa and available in 2021.


    Strategic venture leveraging IT technologies to pioneer integrated healthcare delivery in Africa.


    The 3D modular process is construction simplified.

    For over 20 years, our goal has been to streamline the building process and make it stress-free for our clients. Our company motto is “Construction Simplified,” and for us, it is not just words – it’s our mission.

    3D Modular construction takes much of the construction process off of the site and into our state-of-the-art indoor facility, virtually eliminating the delays, overages, and waste of onsite construction.

    Green Tech Enterprises

    Green Tech Enterprises (GTE) distributes and manufactures sustainable technologies in Africa and aims to achieve long-lasting impact and a better tomorrow for the continent. GTE produces the first low-price electronic pick-up truck for Africa. GTE further distributes HydroPanels that collect water molecules from the air and sustainably produce perfect water quality with no pipes, no grid and no plastic even in remote, dry areas. 

    Le Bon Pain

    Bread and pasty production

    Mansa Hotel Group

    Mansa Hotel Group brings together various hotel projects located in Benin, Cape Verde, South Africa and Senegal. The group operates in two strategic directions:
    Firstly, Mansa endeavours to becoming a leader in the luxury hotel segment, targeting a clientele of African businesspeople who is looking for beautiful places that offer both leisure facilities and opportunities to increase their professional network.
    Secondly, the goal is to provide leisure facilities designed for mass tourism as part of Mansa Resorts; This society is designed to support and stimulate intra-African tourism and help Africans learn more about their landscapes, customs, traditions and cultures. Mansa Hotel Group is a pioneering pan-African tourism project developed in partnership with major global hotel brands with a particular interest in the continent.

    Mansa Media

    Your number 1 African source of news thought pieces and editorials. We are your bridge to investments on the African continent and are committed to accurate research, factual and balanced reporting of the latest happenings in business in Africa. Bringing our audience live articles or twitter for policy, business and technology news.

    Mansa Private Circle

    Mansa Private Circle is an elite private membership network that offers curated, pre-vetted and Africa-focused investment opportunities for personally invited ultra high net-worth (UHNWI) and institutional investors. Mansa Private Circle offers personally invited investors from or interested in Africa an articulated channel and exclusive access to the most elite peer-to-peer network circle focusing on the continent.  


    Pioneering player in the development of the digital ID, and famous for being the new operator renewing biometric passports in Mali

    Multi Industries Group

    Created as an industrial subsidiary of the ADS group in 2018, Multi-Industries Group (MIG) is a pioneering project whose ambition is to make Africa a center of production of consumer goods and equipment - to serve in firstly, the African markets and, ultimately, the international markets and in particular the emerging countries facing similar development challenges.

    MIG's choice is therefore to take advantage of solar energy - to manufacture lighting solutions (street lamps and candelabras for public use) but also other innovative products, such as green mobility solutions (bikes , tricycles, scooters and electric motorcycles).

    Other strategic consumer goods - computers and portable tablets - are also produced for the general public, businesses and public authorities. MIG in early 2020 acquired a PVC factory, at Diamniadio (Dakar –SENEGAL)


    Food retailer in West Africa


    SMART MEDICAL SOLUTION (SMS) is a medical structure specializing in home care and telemedicine.

    SMS is the first telemedicine solution in Côte d'Ivoire, this new telemedicine technology aims to promote access to care under the most optimal conditions all over the world.

    Indeed, innovation and proximity are two essential values ​​of our action in order to offer you quality services, useful and adapted to your concerns.


    This ADS subsidiary is an African leading player providing solar lighting solutions, especially for rural areas, and the company behind the Akon Lighting Africa project. Solektra is also active in the deployment of pumping and irrigation solutions and water treatment to ensure potability, as well as in the deployment of wastewater treatment.

    Solektra Solar

    First training center dedicated to solar technologies, with courses aimed at training skilled workers and technicians, engineers as well as institutional actors interested in solar solutions (electrification agencies, government ministries)

    Square Dynamics

    Square Dynamics recognizes basic engineering solutions that often work across the board for different industries. For this reason, our highly experienced team of engineers has developed a number of pre-engineered solutions that meet incredibly varied needs, from manual operations to automated robotics. So, instead of starting totally from scratch, many of our customers are able to get going with high-tech equipment that has already been tested and is ready to go.

    We recognize the diverse requirements of our clients, from welding to cutting, trimming, grinding, deburring, as well as assembly needs, vision inspections, and leak checks. Our pre-engineered solutions have been developed to meet all of these needs.


    The Société de Transport Maritime et Logistique (STML) is a company incorporated in the Republic of Guinea and specializes in the provision of maritime and river transport services, in particular: the transport of goods and people, tourism, dredging and river navigation.


    A Microcredit company dedicated to the SME market, operating in the ECOWAS community

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